What do I do if I cracked a tooth

A cracked tooth can come about from biting ice, biting other hard foods, the habit of grinding your teeth during the evening or can even happen gradually as you age. A cracked tooth may occur due to some accidental blows to the mouth or sports injuries. It’s a typical condition and a common reason for dental visits. Crack density depends on how minor or serious the crack is. You can visit your dentist in Sandpoint Idaho for proper treatment. Here’s a look at this issue. 

Cracked Teeth

A tooth with a minor break or chip can hang tight for some time, however, you will need to be careful about eating foods that are difficult to chew or bite. You will also need to be mindful of foods that have extreme temperatures. Use over-the-counter pain prescriptions as required or recommended by your dentist in Sandpoint Idaho.  

What to do

Whether your broken tooth is minor or serious, you’re going to need to call a dental specialist in Sandpoint, Idaho right away. In case of a broken or cracked tooth, these steps should be followed:

• Flush your mouth out with warm water or saltwater. 

• Apply a cold pack to the cheek close to the cracked tooth. 

• Apply dressing to the split tooth to help absorb the bleeding. If a bandage is not accessible, a wet tea sack can be utilized as a substitute. Note, bleeding should stop after 10 minutes. 

• If you encountered an extreme break, you should see a dentist in 24 hours. 

• Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with the distress.

Treatment of a Cracked Tooth

First of all,  call your dentist. When a crack cuts through more than the polish, at that point, treatment is necessary to avoid issues like disease or a more profound crack. Depending upon how serious the split is, your dental specialist in Sandpoint, Idaho may suggest a crown, a root canal or extraction of the tooth. Now and again, the filling material can be utilized to fix the break and a crown can prevent it from deteriorating. If the delicate tissue inside your tooth has been influenced, at that point, your dentist may prescribe a root canal.

According to the American Dental Association research in 2018, while a root canal is a more extreme treatment than a crown, it can spare your tooth on account of a crack that has influenced the entire tooth. The last alternative is to have the tooth extracted. This is done when the tooth can’t be spared because of the damage. A dental implant can be used to restore the lost tooth.