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The Many Benefits of Dental Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy for the Periodontal Patient

Laser Therapy for the Periodontal Patient

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by a bacterial
infection that destroys the gum, ligament and jawbone that supports your teeth. It is a very serious
disease that can result in tooth loss.

The main culprit is plaque-a sticky, colorless film that accumulates at or below the gum line in a soft
“plaque” or hardened “calculus” (tartar) formation. These deposits must be removed or the poisons
released by the bacteria will continue to destroy the gums and bone. Prompt professional attention and
diligent homecare practices can control this condition and prevent further periodontal damage.
Gum therapy (removal of hard deposits below your gum line) is necessary to prevent further breakdown
of the bone level around your teeth. Studies have proven that laser therapy used in conjunction with
gum therapy for treatment of periodontal disease, improves wound healing, decreases gingival bleeding,
inflammation and pocket depths, reduces bacterial populations and leads to faster healing and less post-
operative pain. Laser therapy specifically targets unhealthy gum tissues and its detoxifying and
bactericidal effects have been well documented.

Before dental Cleaning
After Dental laser Cleaning

Laser therapy more effectively (than gum therapy alone) suppresses invasive bacterium associated with
aggressive forms of periodontal disease, which has been linked to coronary heart disease.
Laser energy is transmitted through a thin fiber deep into periodontal pockets to deliver its therapeutic
effects. Evidence of positive effects can been seen up to 6 weeks after gum therapy and laser therapy
are used together rather than just gum therapy alone.


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