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invisalign CDA Idaho

How much does invisalign cost?

simple fix or complex shifts, invisalign clear aligners can straighten it out – faster than braces, and at a similar cost. some of your payment options can include:

  • affordable monthly payments with no money down.
  • using your insurance coverage
  • paying with pre-tax dollars from your HSA
  • invis is affordable.

Customized for your unique smile

We use our simulator to map out the path to your smile, right down to the tiniest shift, from your first aligner to your brand-new smile.


  • the power of 3D
    the 3D visual interface lets your doctor customize your treatment
  • mapping software
    the algorithm helps calculate just the right amount of force for every tooth movement
  • consistent
    the software, with input from your doctor, helps ensure every tooth moves in the right order and at the right time

face-to-face care because your doctor knows best

go from imagining your smile to seeing it with the iTero Element® scanner.

your doctor can map out your new smile using 3D imagesѰ taken by the iTero Element scanner. from there, you’ll get a custom treatment plan that’s right for you. 

invis is customized for you.

  • advanced scanning
    takes 6,000 images per second҂
  • accurate
    fewer rejections than with physical impressions±
  • see the difference
    track your progress at every appointment