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4 on 4 Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures in Coeur d'Alene, ID

All On 4 Fixed Replacement

An implant-supported denture is used to replace teeth in a full-arch where all the teeth are missing. The completed denture connects to your dental implants, providing you with excellent stability and retention of your new teeth. A full fixed denture eliminates the worry of slippage or noises.

What are all on 4
Replacement Dentures

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If you have existing dentures that are constantly causing problems with eating or your teeth are not savable; this is the time to consider an implant-supported denture also known as an All on 4 Implant supported denture. This denture can be placed the same day as the implants avoiding the transition time without teeth. The advantage of implant-supported dentures is that there are many options that allow the treatment to be more customizable and affordable.

At our office we typically try and place 5-6 implants instead of the typical 4 implants providing there is enough bone. This gives more stability for the same price. We also use the latest technology and work closely with an implant radiologist allowing for the most accurate implant placement in the area with the best bone which lowers the risk of failure.

Our team is well trained and we are passionate about changing the quality of our patients lives. Eating what you want rather than what you can is incredibly gratifying. Being able to smile & laugh with confidence is a gift.

 Our consultations are free and our prices are affordable. We will meet or beat any written quote for the same procedure and materials. Call today to see how we can change your smile!

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