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How to stop worrying about my teeth?

Managing Dental Anxiety 

No matter how small a complication one has, visiting the dentist can be hard to cope with. For some, going in for a dental visit may seem like any other doctor’s appointment, while others may pass out at the sight of a needle. Dental anxiety is nothing to be embarrassed about and is perfectly normal. It is estimated that nearly 75% of adults in the United States experience levels of dental anxiety ranging from mild to severe dental phobia.

Why do people have dental anxiety?

There are many factors that can lead to a person having dental anxiety. Going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience. The mouth is a sensitive area and a toothache can be so intense that it may keep you up at night. So when the dentist brings pointy tools to your mouth, you are bound to feel some sort of anxiety. 

Most have experienced procedures such as tooth extractions and root canals; some experience worse than others. Having a bad experience as a child or an adult can lead to dental anxiety throughout life and may deter you from visiting your dentist for regular checkups. You may wait until you have a real dental emergency before seeing a dentist, which can be more painful and more expensive than if it were caught by your dentist sooner.   

How do you manage it?

Coping with any type of anxiety is not an easy job. Some people might consider this fear to be irrational but it is not as simple as it sounds. It can be very overwhelming for some, to the extent of delaying or missing appointments. As a human being, no one wants to feel anxious or scared, which is why dental anxiety should be handled with patience and understanding.

As an office, our team of professionals understands the importance of patient comfort and ensures that our patients have the most pleasant experience possible while meeting their dental needs. Our biggest priority is patient care, which includes an environment that is comfortable and calming. As a patient, you will experience this element the second you walk into the office. You will be greeted with a warm smile from our front office staff and trickling water fountains for a spa-like environment. Help yourself to our coffee bar, massage chair, and private children’s play-area in our lobby. 

Taking a seat in the dental chair can sometimes be the most uncomfortable aspect for a patient with dental anxiety, but patient comfort does not stop once you leave the waiting room!  To ensure that patients feel completely comfortable, warm blankets and complimentary hand paraffin treatments are available for every office visit!

Today’s technological advancements have done a lot for us. One of these great technological advancements is pain-free dentistry. Now when you go to the dentist’s office, there are gels and rinses available that numb the area first. This way you will feel minimal to no pain at all. Our doctors are well-known for their painless injections!

We understand that anticipation of upcoming appointments can add stress and anxiety. Our dental office in Coeur d’Alene specializes in same-day dental treatment options and allows extra time for each patient so treatment can be done as soon as possible and in as few appointments as possible. 

Whether they have slight or severe dental phobia, most people dread going to the dentist. We understand this and strive to provide the best patient care in a comfortable environment where patients feel well taken care of and dental needs are met.

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