Dentist cda and Covid 19

How Dentists keep patients safe from the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

How Dentists keep patients safe from the Corona Virus

Many of us are deeply concerned over the coronavirus and stopping the spread of this disease. In the last two weeks, we have been asked if it’s safe to come in for dental work? We treat all infectious diseases, both viral and bacterial very serious.

How dentists Keep patients safe?

Let’s begin with the reception area. You will find hand sanitizers for those entering & exiting. Our team is routinely wiping down the countertops, furniture, door handles, light switches throughout the day. We also recognize that waiting times are a concern and will be minimized as much as possible.

Going back to the treatment areas, each room is cleaned with anti-viral / anti-bacterial sprays and wipes for each patient. Our suction tips are disposed of after each patient and all instruments are run through a sterilization process for each patient.

Our sterilization units are tested multiple times per day validating our process. Our team also wears masks & gloves through each procedure along with washing hands continually. We take this new virus very serious, just as we do for Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza, H1N1, or any other disease. 

Should I keep my dental appointment?

If you are sick with symptoms of the flu, you should reschedule until you are feeling better. If you are healthy, keep your appointment. It is important to understand this virus seems to attack and be the worst in those that are not healthy or have immune-compromised systems.

If you have infected gums, teeth, or any other infections lowering your immune system, it is important to treat the cause of infection. If you have traveled outside of the US and have spent time in a Level 3 area such as China, South Korea, Italy, or Iran, it is vital you remain at home and contact Panhandle Health District and follow the protocols they recommend.

As health care providers, we are committed to treating each patient with the highest safety. We are confident in our sterilization systems and Looking forward to keep providing great care to you all. 

Dr Del & Dr Lamont  

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