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It is important to practice good oral cleanliness and to see a dentist in Post Falls routinely to maintain a healthy smile.

Health issues related to gum disease

Oral health is about far more than just the strength of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Since the mouth is an essential gateway into the body, poor oral health can have adverse effects on the whole body. Not taking good care of your teeth and gums can lead to diseases, which can have adverse effects on your teeth. Bacteria from the mouth can quickly get into the circulatory system and cause infection and irritation in any place it spreads. 

Gum disease does not only have adverse effects on oral health, but it also affects your whole body.  It is important to practice good oral cleanliness and to see a dentist in Post Falls routinely to maintain a healthy smile.

Here are some health issues related to gum disease:

Heart Problems

Gum disease causes poor oral health that puts an individual in danger of heart disease. If gums are aggravated because of bacteria that cause periodontal infection, that same bacteria can get into the circulatory system making the veins develop plaque and harden. This hardening of the arteries is called atherosclerosis, and it is serious.

It can cause bloodstream issues and heart blockages. This affects the arteries and veins and can provoke hypertension and increase the risk of strokes. To make sure you do not face these issues, visit a dentist in Post Falls regularly. 


Gum disease can also worsen diabetes. Like, infected gums that lead to periodontal disease, but periodontal infection can make diabetes increasingly hard to control. Side effects can compound as glucose levels go haywire as a result of gum illness. It is particularly significant for people with diabetes to take great care of their oral health to anticipate difficulties with their disease. Since gum disease can prompt higher than normal glucose levels, an individual with poor oral health is at an increased danger of worsening diabetes. Hence, regular checkups with your dentist in Post Falls is necessary. 

Respiratory Issues

Gum infection can cause respiratory health problems. The respiratory system can face illness because of poor oral health. Bacteria in the mouth from swollen gums and infected teeth can be inhaled into the lungs or travel there through the circulation system. It can cause lung infections. Once there, the bacteria can prompt respiratory diseases, pneumonia, intense bronchitis, and even COPD. A dentist in Post Falls will suggest prevention actions such as taking care of teeth through regular cleanings and brushing your teeth properly. Furthermore, a dentist could also help you deal with these issues before they occur. 

Cancer Risk

According to the density study in 2008 researching tooth loss and cancer in 48,375 men. The researchers concluded that there was, in fact, a connection between gum disease and cancer. They said:

“Periodontal disease was associated with a small, but significant, increase in overall cancer risk.”

Using items that cause bad oral health, such as smoking or using tobacco items can lead to throat and oral cancers, but different sorts of cancers have additionally been connected to gum disease. The hazard for kidney cancer, pancreatic disease, and blood tumors is a lot higher for individuals who have gum disease. A dentist in Hayden, Coeur d’Alene or Post Falls can provide the right treatment for teeth cleaning, helping to lower the risk of cancers and other diseases due to gum infection.

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