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Full Mouth Implants?

Losing all your teeth can be devastating. Due to this loss, multiple bodily functions can be hindered. Chewing, the pronunciation of words and overall speech delivery are affected badly. The best thing about dental implants is that these are permanent. You do not have to go through the hassle of removing dentures because dental implants become a part of you. Many people think that these are only to replace some missing teeth, however, all your teeth can be replaced by dental implants. Kootenai Dental offers consultations for dental implants.

An implant-supported full bridge or a full denture can fill an empty smile. Not only are these long-lasting but also function like natural teeth. By getting dental implants, you will never miss your original teeth again. In fact, conventional dentures can cause the surrounding jaw bone to deteriorate while an implant-supported bridge integrates with your jaw bone which helps it stay intact. Your long-term oral health is thus improved Dental implant-supported dentures or dental bridges are a better option compared to conventional dentures.

A huge concern for many people is the bill that follows this procedure. Although dental implants are an investment, there are still long-term benefits that make them worth it. Dental implants will look stunning for a long time and are also easier to maintain as compared to conventional dentures. The recession of the jawbone caused by conventional dentures makes one’s smile seem unattractive and collapse. Dental implants will not cause this problem since they are permanent. Many people with conventional dentures complain about the discomfort they have to go through. Removing conventional dentures can also be an embarrassing experience, and can make certain foods become impossible to chew.

Dental implants, of course, are not for everyone. You will have to find a dentist who has received training in implantology to consult you. X-rays and CT-scans of your jaw will be analyzed before making a final decision. Dental implants are inserted by a surgical procedure so a person’s overall health needs to be taken under consideration before deciding. Anesthesia is also used, so doctors need to make sure you are absolutely fit for the procedure. 

To retain a more natural bite and have a natural chewing capacity, dental implants are the best options. Kootenai Dental has a number of dentists who are trained in implantology. If you wish to consider implants then you should seek proper consultancy and keep a budget in mind. Talk to the doctors to find about any discounts or packages they might be offering as well. Remember that every case is different so the procedure might vary. You will find out your accurate total after you meet with your doctor as it depends on your procedure. 

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