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Can You Eat After Laser Gum Surgery

Are you looking for laser gum surgery in a relaxing and hygienic environment? Do you wish to meet a friendly dentist along with his highly skilled staff?

Are you afraid of the term ‘dental surgery’? Well, it does give you goosebumps when it’s your mouth that has to be under the knife, figuratively. However, with rapidly progressive medical advancements, it has become possible to use laser for the treatment of periodontal diseases

Laser tech

Instead of scaling and root planing (SRP), laser technology is used where extremely focused light beams alter or remove tissues in small amounts. This treatment is basically a tissue-preserving, regenerative and bone-building procedure. At a dental office near you, you get to experience this emission-based technology in the form of a soft-tissue laser. Excessive gum tissues can be removed through this laser, with less pain and more positive results, while treating other ailments like aphthous lesions and cold sores. Another advantage of laser dentistry is pain relief, almost instantly, but this can only be accomplished if the disease is treated within a day of its occurrence.

Are you looking for laser gum surgery in a relaxing and hygienic environment? Do you wish to meet a friendly dentist along with his highly skilled staff? If yes, we more than welcome you at ‘Delwyn Dick L. DDS – Coeur d’Alene Cosmetic Dentistry’. You just need to make an appointment and we’ll cater to your dental troubles with a face-to-face discussion about how laser gum surgery can alter your life for good. There is a lingering question of how long it will take to heal and, more importantly, if the patient can eat after surgery? Feel free to ask anyone but at our private clinic, we have experts who will guide you through the whole procedure. We will provide you with a detailed instruction manual that is going to answer all your pre- and post-operative queries. Still, for our visitors’ and readers’ satisfaction, here is an elaborate review featuring what is the suitable time, and food items to ingest after a laser gum surgery.

What to eat while recovering? 

  1. Avoid strenuous activity after surgery, especially if you have been sedated.
  2. Maintain strict hygiene. Use medications and rinse as prescribed by your dental post falls specialist, Dr. Delwyn Dick.
  3. On the entire day of surgery, you should stick with mild soft foods like Ice cream, yogurt, pudding and shakes/smoothies are highly recommended. Refrain from using straws for a week.
  4. Similarly, for the first week following surgery, it is recommended to follow a liquid cold diet so that the healing process is not interfered with. foods, that can be easily mashed or blended are to be consumed in the initial days following surgery. This is mainly to protect the blood clot (scab) that is acting as a “Band-Aid” between the gum and the teeth. Likewise, drinking from a straw creates a vacuum in the mouth, which can cause distress to the assumed “Band-Aid”. 

Examples of paste-like, mushy food that can be eaten are:

  • Cream of wheat, oatmeal, malt o meal
  • Nutritional drink such as Ensure and Slim-Fast shakes 
  • Different styles of Eggs (you could even include cheese, based on your preference)
  • Baked or mashed potatoes with butter or sour cream
  • Creamy peanut butter with a cream but excluding solid chunks
  • Cottage cheese, soft cheese
  • Margarine, butter mixed together with vegetables
  • Milkshakes, protein shakes, and smoothies; made up of fruits that do not contain seeds such as berries
  • Mashed yams, baked sweet potato or butternut squash
  • Omelets can be eaten with cheese and even avocado (if you like them)
  • Daily vitamins are to be taken regularly!
  • Ice-cream, yogurt, and pudding
  • Mashed steamed vegetables

Thus, it is critically important to maintain a proper diet with nutritious solid and fluid intake.

5. After seven to ten days of surgery, select soft foods such as pasta, chicken, fish or steamed vegetables. Bananas and grapes can be easily consumed. Gradually go back to your regular diet choices. Although, you must be careful with what you choose to eat after the first month following treatment.
6. Go for a softer and smoother consistency. Candies chew gums, cookies, chips, nuts or any hard, crunchy food is strictly prohibited. Also, resist anything that has seeds or hard pieces, raw vegetable/salad, popcorns and meat shreds that can get stuck in between your gum and teeth. This can cause dislodging of tiny clots that are to be maintained for faster healing.
7. Try chewing from the opposite side of the surgical site. In addition, avoid spicy, crusty, acidic foods or excessively hot beverages like coffee and tea.
8. It is advisable to maintain good oral hygiene.
The first week: Rinse with saltwater, Listerine or Chlorhexidine only. (Brushing and flossing are NOT allowed)
Week 1 to 6: Use a soft bristle toothbrush to gently brush your teeth. Do not scrape on gums.
Week 6 onwards: Regular brushing and flossing
At 2 months: Mechanical toothbrushes are now suitable for cleaning
After 3 months: Oral irrigators (Waterpik) can be used.
9. Tobacco intake is strictly forbidden. Restrict any form of tobacco; either smoking or chewing tobacco will have an adverse effect on the progress of healing. It can even result in the re-occurrence of periodontal disease that was treated. It is a fact that tobacco plays a destructive role in increasing disease rate where the loss of bones and gums is concerned. It escalates the development of spaces and gaps between the gums and teeth, which is a major factor for chronic gum disease. It is highly recommended to stop smoking or chewing tobacco if you’re addicted.
10. Drinking alcoholic beverages or soda is equally a no-no since it is a potential cause of bleeding from the surgical site; medication and alcohol do not do well together. Also, avoid drinking 36 hours before surgery.

Being apprehensive about the laser procedure and post-operative care is natural but you can always consult us for any questions. In case you experience excessive bleeding or swelling on the surgical site, or experience an allergic reaction to any prescribed medications, call our dental office right away. 

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