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Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging

Medical science and technology, overall, have seen some remarkable developments over the years. All of these advancements have made diagnosis much clearer

Medical science and technology, overall, have seen some remarkable developments over the years. All of these advancements have made diagnosis much clearer. One of the most recent developments in the field of dentistry is 3D dental imaging. It is so new that most people have not even heard about it yet. Such advancements are constantly made to improve the lives and health of people throughout the world. Cone-beam computed tomography machines (CBCT) are better than x-rays in so many ways that this might change the entire dynamic of dental imaging. The 3D rendition of the patient’s mouths lets you see so many things from a different angle as compared to the 2D rendition offered by traditional X-rays. You can go to a dentist in Kootanai county and avail from this new and amazing technology for better treatment.

Why prefer CBCT over Tradition X-ray

CBCT devices do not only give the advantage of better quality images, but this is a device that makes a dentist work more efficient and precise. Instead of viewing just a small corner of the mouth, the dentist can take a look at the entire mouth clearly. If there are any other issues in the mouth which have not been noted previously, then those can be treated as well, which is a huge advantage. 

Sometimes a dentist has to work as an artist. This occurs especially when there are cosmetic changes involved. These can be implants, braces, veneers, and whatnot. Because dentists have to reshape a person’s mouth, they need to take a look at their entire mouth carefully. The precision offered by 3D dental imaging allows the dentist to view where the teeth sit with each other and how they align together. This view allows them to make changes accordingly and look at the bigger picture – pun intended.

3D Dental Imaging CDA IDAHO
3d Dental Imaging

Even traditional x-rays show a great amount of detail but wouldn’t it be crazy to have even more in-depth images! Well, that is the case with CBCT. The images show even greater detail than traditional x-rays which allows dentists to visualize the entire mouth and note what changes need to be made. A lot of things can be detected before-hand which gives the dentist a chance to prevent it from happening.

More cool facts about CBCT

One of the most amazing things about 3D dental printing is its zooming capabilities. You can zoom in on a single specific area so that you can examine it under an x-ray. Even if that area is a tooth root, CBCT can capture it. So no matter how small the detail is, you can view it in great quality.

Speaking of quality, you have control over how you want the image to be. This means that you can set the 3D dental printing device according to the quality you prefer. So it controls the quality of the image. Furthermore, 3D dental imaging can penetrate easily through the soft tissue which also includes gums.

Another advantage that it carries is that you can save your time. You do not have to capture one picture at a time. Hundreds of images are generated by the CBCT in a single scan. Even if something goes wrong you still have a lot of others you can use. Traditional x-rays generated a single image per scan. If that image is unclear then the process has to be repeated.

When hundreds of images are generated by a single scan, this means that you receive an added advantage of less radiation exposure. When it comes to dentistry, dentists require multiple scans to compare changes with previous ones. Due to this reason, many people often worry about radiation exposure. With CBCT, you do not have to worry about exposure. A lot of people might not see this as a problem but you can never know when the radiation can cause a disturbance in the genetic makeup of a cell. 

The orthodontist also has a great advantage when it comes to 3D dental imaging. This is because the 3D image can be used to check any orthodontic concerns. Orthodontists need to plan their treatment and 3D dental imaging helps them plan better and more efficiently. This is also beneficial to identify other medical issues because many diseases can be linked to oral health problems. One of the examples is cardiovascular diseases as it can also cause gum disease.

People who want to get dental implants will thank the inventors of this technology because it untangles all problems. The fitting session will not have to be divided in days as dentists can easily determine the correct placements of implants with ease. This makes the entire process much more efficient and quicker as compared to traditional x-rays.

Bottom line

Viewing all the benefits together, it is no surprise to say that 3D dental imaging is going to be the new standard dental care soon. The remarkable invention has changed the dynamic of diagnosing and treatment. With the amazing benefit of minimizing radiation, this should be preferred a hundred times over traditional x-rays. Not only is it something that allows dentists to view your mouth like they never have before, but it also allows them to recommend better treatment. Instead of viewing a specific area, your entire skull and mouth can be viewed. This fact clearly indicates that better treatment can be provided as dentists can have a better view of everything.

3d Dental Imaging
Utilizing the most advanced equipment to achieve long-lasting bright smiles.

Instead of asking patients to get their scans done, dentists can now take this matter into their own hands. 3D dental imaging is so user-friendly that one does not need special skills for it. It is specially designed for dentists or dental technicians so it can be used with ease.

This is not where it ends because there are several other benefits of 3D dental imaging as well. Kootenai Dental Group offers this new and amazing technology. Next time you want a scan, make sure it 3D dental imaging because that is the new and more advanced technology.

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