Dental X ray bad for you

Are dental x-rays bad for you?

X-rays are an integral part of all medical diagnoses. X-rays help in detecting problems that are not visible during physical examination. This way, it is much easier to reach the root of the problem and start a treatment whilst making a diagnosis much clearer. Any deformity seen in the x-ray will clarify the steps that need to be taken.

Like in all other fields of medicine, x-rays are also made use of in the dental health field. Many people are often concerned about all the negative effects of x-rays as one is exposed to radiation. 

So, are dental x-rays bad for you? The simple answer to this is that excess of everything is bad. If you are seeing a dentist for several years then he/she will be mindful of the number of x-rays they have asked you to get. If you have a new dentist then you should inform them of all the prior x-rays and how recently you got them done. Dentist CDA has several trained dentists you can visit regularly to know about your oral health.

Of course, there is some exposure to radiation but it is on a very small scale. Whenever your dentist asks for an x-ray, it will always be patient-based and on an as-needed basis only. Your Dentist or Dental Hygienist will recommend dental x-rays when they are necessary for conjunction with your visual oral exam. A good way to do this is by getting an x-ray done only after your oral health exam. This way you and the dentist can make sure that the x-ray was absolutely necessary. 

All of us are exposed to some amount of radiation. This is because radiations are raining down from space all the time. Some radiations are reflected away from the atmosphere but others do reach us. People living at higher altitudes have thinner air, which means that they are exposed to even more radiation. Keeping this in mind, our exposure to radiation should stay minimal and we should only expose ourselves when necessary. The natural radiation we receive is much more than that of an x-ray. 

The risks should always be weighed out first. If you are someone showing clear signs of damage and decay then you can ask your dentist if the x-ray is really required. If it is, then the risk can be worth it. Otherwise, you can save yourself and get an x-ray done only when you need one. Dental health is very important and can indicate several issues at an early stage. Due to this reason, dentists recommend x-rays to make sure your mouth is healthy. Dentists CDA has some of the best-trained professionals who can make sure that your smile shines bright!

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